What We Do

Delivering Precision Quality & Service For Over 25 Years

What We Do

Undesirable pressure inside pipelines, hoses and other conveyors used in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries can result in lost product or worse, an accident. Antill Instrument, Inc. specializes in renting and repairing the hydrostatic test equipment that is so critical to measuring the equilibrium and pressure of these liquids and fluids.

Antill Instrument can repair or refurbish most makes and models of pressure and temperature recorders and gauges. We are the only hydrostatic test equipment service company in the state of Louisiana to have earned ISO 29001 Registration and American Petroleum Institute SP Q1 Certification. Certification papers are provided with all equipment.

We are proud to carry the highly accurate Chandler Deadweight Tester. Used to measure pressure exerted by gas or liquid recorders, no other device can match the stability, repeatability, and accuracy of the Deadweight Tester.

Antill also rents and/or services:

  • Calibrated Gauges
  • 1502 Gauge Savers
  • Test Manifolds
  • Recorders
  • Digital Deadweight Testers
  • Test Pumps
  • Nitrogen Test Setups
  • Thermometers
  • Hoses
  • Charts
  • Recorder Pens
  • Clocks

 As it has for the past 29 years, Antill Instrument, Inc. provides:

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